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Business hours: Monday - Friday  7:00 am -4:00 (CST);  Saturday 7:00 am -12:00 pm (CST); Closed Sundays


Featured Plant of the Month

 Hydrangeas  ~ We have a variety of Hydrangeas.  These beautiful deciduous shrubs bloom mid-summer to early fall.  A few of the varieties we carry are:  Annabelle, Fuji Waterfall, Limelight, Little Lime, Merritt Supreme, Penny Mac, Pinky Winky and Zinfin Doll.  We also have 3 tree-form varieties:  Firelight, Limelight, and Vanilla Strawberry.  (Some varieties are limited so call ahead for availability.)

It's our 30th year!!

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Trees & Evergreens 

We specialize in growing quality shade trees, flowering trees, Japanese maples, and a variety of evergreens including arborvitae, boxwood, holly, juniper, nandina, rhododendron, and spruce. 

Things are changing DAILY!!


Our History

Quality - It's in our Roots

Boyd and Boyd Nursery is owned and operated by fifth-generation nurseryman, Tommy Boyd. 

We offer a wide variety of shade trees, evergreens, and deciduous and ornamental shrubs. 

We strive to provide the BEST quality trees and shrubs. 

Fruit Trees & Shrubs

 We have several varieties of apple, cherry, and pear trees; as well as, a large variety of container shrubs including azaleas, burning bush, hydrangeas, and viburnums.